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Villa Foscarini Cornaro, built in the middle of the sixteenth century and home to the highest names of ‘Venetian aristocracy’, is a Renaissance architecture gem set in the green Venetian countryside, just a short distance from the ancient Roman city of Oderzo and a few kilometers from Venice and Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Lady Elizabeth Foscarini Cornaro was born of one of the most prestigious families of Venice, the Cornaro’s. This noble woman was 4 times named to the ducal throne, and her sister, Caterina Cornaro, became Queen of Cyprus.

In 1712 she married the “Attorney of San Marco” Pietro Foscarini. The groom was born October 26, 1680 and held the office of “Captain of Vicenza.” On August 29th, 1745 Pietro Foscarini died, leaving his widow Elizabeth all his possessions.

Elizabeth also called the “Procuratessa” (the procurer) retired to the Villa in “Gurgo Muleudimorum (Gorgo al Monticano) where the main activity was the production of silk and the harvesting of grains.

Elizabeth became friend and lover to Marco Foscarini, the fifty-ninth Doge of Venice and brother of her deceased husband, Marco and Elizabeth lived and remained the owners of Villa Foscarini Cornaro until the year 1811.

Villa Foscarini Cornaro’s hotel and Ristorante Foscarini maintains a 5-star rating from the Treviso Tourism Board.

During the Second World War, Villa Foscarini Cornaro was as German barracks and then became a Ministerial Office. Villa Foscarini Cornaro, after its careful restoration, is currently a stately home where respect for history reigns supreme.